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Lactation Services and Consultants

lactationThe lactation specialists at Northeast Pediatrics understand how important it is to take care of both the newborn infant and the mother following birth. For the majority of mothers, breastfeeding can be easy and happens with minimal difficulty. Some moms find breastfeeding more challenging, particularly during the first two weeks. Our lactation specialists can make a world of difference during this important period.

We are experienced and we are here to help you. We know that difficulties can arise at any point during the breastfeeding process. Our skills in assessing moms, their babies, and their individual circumstances have benefited many families over the years.

Our services for Northeast Pediatrics patients

  • Breastfeeding consultation and close follow-up for first-time mothers and for mothers who encountered problems previously with breastfeeding and are seeking a positive experience
  • A "pre-baby" meeting (available upon request) that covers general practice information as well as discusses the medical, developmental, and lactation support at Northeast Pediatrics (see Having a Baby?) on our home page for more details.
  • Postnatal counseling in the office one to three days after hospital discharge
  • Coordinated newborn care and lactation care during the same office visit
  • Evaluation of home support and advice on easing the transition
  • Individualized instruction to help mothers fine-tune breastfeeding techniques
  • Home visits under special circumstances, individually arranged
  • Breastfeeding support group for the experienced breastfeeding mom covering topics such as return to work, supplementing the breastfed infant, starting solids, and weaning

Additional Expertise

  • Caring for premature infants
  • Meeting the special needs of babies with cleft palate and other facial anomalies
  • Breastfeeding following multiple birth (twins, etc.)
  • Guidance for mothers with breast augmentation or breast anomalies
  • In office Frenotomy procedure

Why breastfeed?
Northeast Pediatrics provides lactation services to our patients because we know breastfeeding promotes the baby's immune system. In-depth studies show many long-term advantages for breastfed babies and their mothers, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies breastfeed for at least six months. In addition, in 2011, support for breastfeeding became one of the US Surgeon General's Call to Action.

The decision to breastfeed, however, is a personal decision every mother must make for herself and her infant. We are here to support mothers who breastfeed, formula feed, and the many ways in which families choose to feed their infants on this continuum. We will guide you through the weaning process and follow your baby's progress with the expert care that years of training and experience provide.

How can we help with more complex breastfeeding issues?
In addition to being well grounded in the physical and psychological aspects of breastfeeding, some of our lactation specialists have advanced certification as International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. Our team members have supplemental training in the social and cultural customs of a wide range of nationalities as they pertain to infant care and breastfeeding.

How are clients referred for lactation consultation?
Clients come to us through different avenues.

  • We see mothers and babies here at Northeast Pediatrics as part of our standard practice, which includes lactation counseling as needed.
  • We also see mothers on referral from other physicians' offices, although some of our lactation patients do self-refer. Our preference, however, is to collaborate with local physician practices because we understand the importance of maintaining the primary-care relationship you have already established with your doctor. With a referral from your doctor, lactation counseling is more likely to be covered by insurance; however, we recommend that you check the terms of your individual policy.

Will your insurance cover lactation consulting?
Insurance companies do cover the services of a lactation consultant as part of routine well-baby visits. In addition, new health care legislation allows for expanded coverage of more complicated lactation concerns.

If you have questions about coverage, it's wise to contact your health insurance provider. To find out more about the health insurance plans Northeast Pediatrics participates with, you can go to our policies and billing page.

Lactation Consultants and Counselors

Our lactation counselors specialize in lactation counseling, breast health, and newborns. Our role is to provide care, problem-solving education and counseling to mothers and their families. We will help you integrate breastfeeding with other family, household, and leisure activities, and help you with strategies to continue breastfeeding after you return to work.
We work closely with you and your primary care provider, caring for you and your baby together from the time of birth on. By providing you with needed support and guidance right from the start, we can help you avoid common problems and enjoy a positive breastfeeding experience.


Kathleen J Murphy, RPA-C, IBCLC
Kathleen completed her physician assistant training at LeMoyne College in Syracuse where she was awarded the Most Outstanding PA student Award. She has been practicing as a PA since 2004, in the fields of emergency medicine and pediatrics. Prior to becoming a physician assistant, Kathleen worked for several years as a paramedic. Since joining Northeast Pediatrics, she has studied breastfeeding medicine and has achieved her international board certification as a lactation consultant. Kathleen is credentialed at Cayuga Medical Center and provides lactation consultation to new mothers within the hospital setting.


Nina Pegram, PNP, IBCLC
Nina received her Master of Science in Nursing, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner degree from Rutgers University. While completing her Masters, Nina took a special interest in vaccines and vaccine education including strategies to increase immunization rates. In addition to training as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Nina has previous experience as a Registered Nurse within Neonatal Intensive Care Units in D.C. and New Jersey. Nina is a Certified Lactation Counselor and is licensed by the State of New York as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.


Bryan Powell, PA, CLC

Bryan earned his Master of Health Science in Physician Assistant from Lock Haven University in Clearfield, Pennsylvania.  Prior to that, Bryan earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Penn State University.  Bryan brings a fresh perspective to Northeast Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine and enthusiasm for pediatric medicine.  Bryan is licensed by the state of New York as a Physician Assistant and is a Certified Lactation Counselor.


Katherine "Kathy" Rudert, FNP, CLC 

Kathy earned her Masters of Science as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Frontier Nursing University.  As a Registered Nurse, Kathy has many years of experience in adult and pediatric emergency medicine in Portland, Oregon as well as emergency nursing at Cayuga Medical Center. Kathy is licensed by the state of New York as a Family Nurse Practitioner and a Certified Lactation Counselor.


Destiny Townsend, LPN, CLC

Destiny has been a member of our clinical team for several years first as a Clinical Assistant and now as an LPN.  Destiny also has experience in long term care.  Destiny is licensed by the state of New York as a Licensed Practical Nurse and is a Certified Lactation Counselor.


Tina Beardsley, RN, CLC

Tina has been a RN at Northeast Pediatrics since 2012 and is the Charge Nurse for our West Office Location.  Prior to joining our practice, Tina worked for several years as a nurse at Cayuga Medical Center.  Tina is a licensed Registered Nurse in the state of New York and is a Certified Lactation Counselor.








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