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Where is Northeast Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine located?

Northeast Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine has 2 locations in Ithaca. Our primary office is located at 10 Graham Road West in Ithaca. This location is near the Ithaca Mall and across the street from the YMCA. Our second location is on the West side at 1290 Trumansburg Road and is located very close to our community hospital, Cayuga Medical Center.

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Does Northeast Pediatrics offer same day sick appointments?

Yes, we understand that illness in children often occurs suddenly and needs prompt attention. We reserve time throughout our day for same day sick visits. Whenever possible, we try to book your sick appointment with your primary care physician or midlevel that you see for well exams. There may be times when it is necessary for you to see another provider in order to best accommodate your needs.

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Do you accept my insurance?

Northeast Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine participates with most local private health plans including New York State Medicaid and Managed Medicaid Plans. Please see our Billing section for further information about your insurance. If you can’t find the answer there, call our Billing Office at 607-257-5958.

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What is the earliest I can call for an appointment?

Monday through Friday our reception staff begin to take calls at 7:00 am. We continue to take calls throughout the day until 5:00 pm . On Saturdays, we begin to answer phones at 8:00 am for urgent sick visits and continue until 11:30 am.

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Monday through Friday our reception staff begin to take calls at 7:00 am. We continue to take calls throughout the day until 5:00 pm . On Saturdays, we begin to answer phones at 8:00 am for urgent sick visits and continue until 11:30 am.

Pediatricians are specially educated and trained in diagnosing and treating illnesses in infants, children and adolescents. We have a great deal of specialization in infectious diseases specifically in children. Isn't it best to have the experts diagnose and treat such an illness so that the child — and the community — have the best chance of fighting it? Pediatricians are not just about shots and growth charts either. We are concerned with your child’s entire spectrum of evelopment — physical, mental, social and emotional.

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What makes the wait so long in the first place?
  • Sick kids. Most of our “sick” appointments are fairly quick visits, and are scheduled as such. Children who are truly sick and require more time (breathing treatments, stitches, admission to the hospital, sending for x-ray, or watching as they sip fluids over a few hours) back us up. They take extra physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant and nursing time and may tie up a room for several hours. Please understand that this may happen any time, and even an otherwise low patient volume day can be consumed by one sick child. Most importantly, if it is your child, we will spend the required time to adequately treat him/her.
  • “Oh, by the way…” This is a common phrase in any doctor’s office. When you have an appointment for one thing, but bring several concerns, the visit runs long. Scheduling experts recommend putting off all non-urgent things for a future appointment, but often we will address many of the concerns so you do not have to return. If we tell you that there is not enough time today to discuss other matters, please schedule another appointment for each separate problem. This does not include things that go together, such as cold, cough and earache. All of these can be addressed together.  Do not schedule to come in for a rash, but also plan on discussing chronic headaches, warts, asthma, and other complaints.
  • Siblings. Many times each day our providers are asked to “just take a look” at brother or sister. This innocent question seems to only take a few minutes, but these minutes add up by the end of the day. Since we will see all sick children on a same-day basis, please make an appointment for each child you want checked or discussed.
  • Sometimes we joke that the bus just stopped by. There’s no one in the waiting room, then suddenly the waiting room is full of people. If someone's late to an appointment, someone else right on time, and someone early, then it gets backed up. Please be on time for appointments whenever possible and call if you will be more than a few minutes late. We understand that sometimes there is unexpected traffic, so we will always fit people in who missed their appointment time, but realize that it makes others wait. Do not schedule an appointment if you know you will be late. (It’s amazing how often we hear, “It always takes so long to get from work to daycare and then to the office,” when a parent is late.)
  • We will see your sick child the same day if possible. Sick kids can’t wait until a week from Tuesday, as some offices schedule. Please try to call early in the day if you want an appointment. There seems to be a rush after 3 pm.• Insurance information and other “bookkeeping” issues. Please be ready with all current insurance information as you check in.
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What do I do if my child is sick and your office is closed?

There is a Pediatrician available to answer your medical questions 7 days per week, 24 hours a day, even after our office is closed. When you call us after hours, your information will be collected by our answering service and sent to the Pediatrician on call who will return your call promptly.

In December of 2012, Northeast Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Buttermilk Falls Pediatrics , and Cayuga Medical Center joined forces to create Kids Care, an afterhours clinic staffed by pediatricians and pediatrics nurses. For more information, click here

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